Breville Juice Fountain Review: The Nutrient Highway

Product: Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain

Price: $149.95

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Weight: 13.25 lbs.

Guarantee: 1 year limited warranty

My Rating: 9.0 out of 10

My Breville Juicer Review

I first started using the Breville Juice Fountain last summer. My parents ended up purchasing it to make some healthy, homemade juices to start their day and I quickly hopped on the bandwagon when I stayed the summer with them.

We bought a juicing recipe book, purchased a ton of produce, and started on our juicing journey!

apples in sink filled with water

Within a few days, this juicer became a daily staple item in our kitchen and never went without use.

It has an extra-wide 3 inch feeder chute so that you can fit more produce in at a time – including whole apples!

The blades run on an 850-watt dual-speed motor, which makes for the perfect juicing blade. It can pulverize any fruit or vegetable in a matter of seconds, all the while keeping foam out of the juice with its built-in froth separator.

Although I normally just rinse out the parts, this juicer also comes with a cleaning brush and is dishwasher safe!

The set up:

When you first use this juicer there are a couple things to know before you start.

1. Put the juicer jug in place so that the spout comes into it

2. Make sure your pulp basket is placed in the back

3. Put the metal locking arm up (to secure the lid)

4. Plug it in and… juice!

Now comes the fun part… juicing! It is honestly such a great product for juicing. It literally pulverizes any type of produce in a matter of seconds and extracts all the extra vitamins and minerals out and into a drinkable, delicious juice.

The clean up:

Of course my least favorite part about juicing is the clean-up afterwards. There are a few parts you will take off and rinse before putting it back together.

1. Rinse the top lid and inner mesh filter

2. Dump the pulp contents out of the jug (keep your pulp to reuse it later!)

3. Rinse out the juice jug

In total, cleaning time is around 3-4 minutes. So really it’s not bad. The only set back to this juicer is that the mesh filter needs to be scrubbed, instead of just rinsed, since the pulp is more likely to stick to it.

However, it doesn’t take long to get everything all clean again and we just let all the parts air dry and kept them out for more convenience.

Get Juicin’

Honestly, I would recommend juicing to everybody.

It provides you with a plethora of vitamins and minerals that can be instantly absorbed in your gut, giving your body the nutrients it needs for a healthy immune system.

orange juice on blue surface

Plus, it takes about the same amount of time for me to make a juice as it does to wait for my bread to toast. I don’t have to worry about chopping up most fruits or vegetables with this juicer. I will put in whole kale leaves, celery stalks, entire peeled oranges, and apples.

I couldn’t believe how much money I was saving with this juicer. I would walk into grocery stores and see freshly squeezed juices for almost $6 a bottle! I was making twice as much juice as that for less than half the price.

Using the Breville Juicer in my everyday life became a no-brainer for me.

The Verdict

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a huge fan of this product. It’s clean and sleek looking, has a ton of motor power for making the most perfect juices, and can be cleaned with a simple rinse.

I also like this juicer because it has a mid-level price point. Not too cheap to wear out quickly, but not too expensive that it is totally unreasonable.

If you are at all interested in avoiding expensive and unhealthy store-bought “juices” (sugar drinks) then I highly recommend getting the Breville Juice Fountain!

2 Replies to “Breville Juice Fountain Review: The Nutrient Highway”

  1. Having just started working out, I was looking into juicing and then actual juicers. I’m so happy I came across this review. I also hate the clean-up afterwards (the one we currently have has MANY components to clean up so we always think twice about any actual juicing), but if there aren’t a lot of components to wash with this one, then I’m gonna be a happy camper.

    The price point isn’t that bad either. I will definitely consider it. Thanks!

    Reyhana says:
    1. That’s great that you are looking into juicing more! I agree that the clean-up isn’t ideal (blenders are more attractive in terms of clean-up). This juicer does have several components that need to be cleaned out, but it doesn’t take long at all. If I am on a juicing kick, then I just leave the juicer out on my counter for easy access and it definitely motivates me to use it more! 

      Ashley says:

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