Buying the Pela Phone Case- Is It Worth It?

If you have scrolled through Instagram recently, you might’ve seen an ad for the Pela Phone Case – an eco-friendly phone case that is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

I was instantly intrigued by this product because I had never heard of a compostable phone case before and I’m always looking for ways to live more sustainably.

All of my phone cases were either hard plastic or rubber, and they would always go in the trash (landfill) every time I got a new phone or whenever it wore down.

In fact, my last two phone cases were rubber and would get torn and break down after just a couple months of having it! I’m also prone to dropping my phone at least a few times a year, so this of course didn’t help the problem.

I really wanted a more durable phone case that would get scuffed up every time my phone dropped, and plus, I felt guilty for having to put even more waste into a landfill.

It is estimated that 350,000 phones get thrown out each day (which is another issue) and I’m assuming that even more phone cases get thrown out as well.

That’s a lot of waste for one little item…and it’s going to be in the landfill for up to 500 years.

My Reluctance

I looked into getting the pela phone case several times before finally making the switch. Why, you ask? Well, honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of the price.

I thought $30+ for an iPhone case was a little much, especially since all of my other phone cases were around $11.

But, after I had to throw away my third rubber phone case from being too worn down, I realized that a cheaper phone case isn’t always cheaper in the long-run when you have to buy several of them.

Finally, I gave in and bought the Pela phone case.

Is It Worth It?

In short, yes. This case is 100% totally worth the price.

I have had my case for over a year now and it still looks the same as when I first purchased it!

The rubber-like material is super durable and has never gotten scuffed or worn down, even after multiple drops to the ground and being carried around everywhere the past year.

I ended up purchasing the case from Amazon, but honestly, I would recommend buying it straight from their site.

The reason I bought from Amazon is because I thought it would be cheaper with free Prime shipping. But this was before I found out that Pela offers free global shipping on orders over $25… which is a no-brainer since their phone cases are over $25 anyway.

Plus, Amazon only carries a limited amount of color options and they have also raised the price of the case for older iPhone models.

However, the Pela site has a TON of colors and designs to choose from.

If animals are your thang, then check out their turtle and penguin cases.

I ended up getting one that says, “Lead the Way.” Also, the words/prints are the same color as the case so it doesn’t stand out that much, which I like.

But Wait… There’s More!

Not only are you contributing to less waste by buying this 100% biodegradable phone case, but you are also supporting some great causes!

Pela donates 5% of the total sales to causes such as Save the Waves, SurfRider Foundation, and Oceana Wavemaker.

These proceeds help protect coastal ecosystems and oceans, which goes hand-in-hand with Pela’s mission of reducing the plastic waste that pollutes our oceans.

turtle swimming in ocean

Another great thing about this phone case is that it comes in a plethora of sizes to accommodate whichever phone you may have.

So whether you have the iPhone 5 or iPhone X or a Samsung Galaxy phone, Pela has the case for it!

This is pretty cool in my opinion because a lot of times, phone case companies will start phasing out older iPhone cases and/or won’t make cases for other types of phones.

They also recently came out with a line of flax-based linen bags. I have yet to buy one of these, but they are super cute and would be great for travel.


Overall, I would give this product a 10/10.

It is:

  • Durable
  • Simple
  • Stays clean
  • Has lots of cute color/print options
  • Benefits some great causes
  • and most importantly… It is 100% biodegradable and earth-friendly (which is all the more reason to get it).

I know that this phone case is going to last me a long time. But when I do upgrade my phone and get a new Pela case, I can just throw my old one in my yard waste bin! How cool is that!?!

It truly is such a rad product/concept. I highly recommend switching over to a Pela phone case. You will be doing yourself and the environment a huge favor!

Let me know in the comments below if you already have a Pela phone case or are considering getting one! I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts/opinions on this product.

10 Replies to “Buying the Pela Phone Case- Is It Worth It?”

  1. What a great idea!! I would never have thought of finding a biodegradable phone case!! there definitely needs to be more of these made. I have this problem where I buy numerous amounts of phone cases that don’t last and I am always walking around with a cracked screen!! I love the idea of profit going to save the waves, surfrider foundation and oceana wavemaker, such important causes to be a part of. More companies need to get on board with things like this. I will definitely have a look into this, I really do need a durable cover and with the money going to such good causes you can’t go wrong!! Thank you for bringing this product alive!!

    Juvette says:
    1. You’re welcome, Juvette! I’m glad you are interested in this product. I really only bought it for environmental reasons, but it is actually super durable! 

      Ashley says:
  2. When you said the case is 100% biodegradable and compostable I was expecting some ugly weird case. However, I just searched it on google and they are really pretty with nice designs. I think I have to get over my thoughts that things that are compostable can’t be pretty. Because they can be! I also like the idea of helping the environment. I do it in most other ways so why not with my phone case too!

    Hollie Rose says:
    1. Exactly! They have such cute colors and they are a lot better looking than most cases I have seen. Not many people think of reducing waste with a phone case, but it is such a great way to lessen our plastic use! 

      Ashley says:
  3. Those phones cases are awesome. I didn’t realize that you could make phone cases that were biodegradable.  But these are also durable and will protect your phone.  The Pela site states that if the screen breaks while the phone is in a Pela case, they will pay for the repair.  How cool is that?

     My husband just got a new iPhone.  I’ll see if he needs a new phone case for it.  I know some other iPhone owners who are very much in to environmental stewardship and would love to have phone cases such as these.

    ecpags74 says:
    1. That’s awesome! I had no idea they will repair a broken screen! Thanks for the info. Definitely look into getting one for your husband if he’s looking for a new case. They are extremely durable and I’m sure there’s a color he would like! 

      Ashley says:
  4. Would really love to get my hands on this Pela phone case, just in the past 7 months, I have bought 3 cases for my Galaxy Note 8. I was not buying the original Note 8 phone cases because of I didn’t had the money and I was planning one day to buy the original case, but reading this article and its reviews on Amazon, I come to realize that this must be the real answer .Its being biodegradable, makes it unique in it own way, really loved it 

    Ngonidzashe Manzwangani says:
    1. I think you will really come to like this case if you get one! I think it’s great that it comes in sizes for more than one brand of phone too. Everyone I know that has this phone loves it.. and it is a great conversation starter! 

      Ashley says:
  5. Thank-you so much for sharing this information. My husband has a Samsung and is constantly breaking the case. He’s been paying about $30 for a new one each time which is about every 4 months. He believes if he pays more that it will be better quality but, like you, they get banged up pretty quick and then end up breaking. I will let him know about this one, he will be ecstatic as he always complaining about having to buy a new one every time he turns around. 

    The other issues that he has is trying to find one that fits his phone and he is generally stuck with one option as far as design goes. The case you highlight sounds like the perfect solution for him. It will save him money, last longer and give him different design options.

    Thanks again for sharing your find.


    tina25h says:
    1. Yes! Sounds like your husband is going through the exact problem I was. I think he will really like the durability of this phone – it will definitely save you money! 

      Ashley says:

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