DIY Coffee Scrub

Ah, coffee… I think we can all agree (coffee drinker or not) that a freshly brewed cup of coffee smells amazing. Not only can these good-smelling beans be used to make your morning brew, but they can also be utilized and turned into an all-natural facial scrub!

What’s so great about a coffee scrub you ask?

There are many benefits to using this scrub:

  • Reduces waste
  • Acts as a natural exfoliant and removes dead skin cells
  • Evens out your skin tone
  • Promotes blood flow and circulation
  • Cheap and easy to make
  • Better for the environment

Natural Exfoliants vs. Store-bought Exfoliants

There are many reasons why one would buy/use a natural exfoliant over a store-bought one. The main reason I like them better is because they are environmentally-friendly!

Traditional exfoliating scrubs are made with microplastics, which are extremely harmful to our environment. Microplastics are tiny particles of plastic that bypass our waterways and harm marine life.

Check out this short video on microplastics here.

That is why I prefer to use natural exfoliants such as coffee grounds, crushed walnuts, and oats. Not only can they biodegrade back into the earth, but they are also free of chemicals found in traditional store-bought exfoliants.

It is also much cheaper to make your own facial scrub! Plus, you can ensure that you are putting healthy ingredients into the products you are using.

The DIY coffee scrub I make uses just THREE simple ingredients. If you are not an avid coffee drinker, then consider going to a nearby coffee shop and asking for some of their leftover grounds. Most places will just give them to you for free.


  • 1/2 cup leftover coffee grounds
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil (I prefer cold-pressed extra virgin)
  • 5-10 drops essential oil (I used lavender, but frankincense, melaleuca, and geranium also work great!)


  1. Store leftover coffee grounds in a small container in your refrigerator until you get around 1/2 cup
  2. In the container, mix in 1/3 cup coconut oil and 5-10 drops essential oil until thoroughly combined
  3. Store in an airtight container such as a mason jar

Some Things To Note

  1. You can use less or more coffee grounds, depending on how much you want to make. Just make sure that it forms a nice paste with the coconut oil. The measurements given fill up a small mason jar.
  2. Because of the nature of coconut oil, it may solidify or melt depending on the temperature of the room. If it hardens, just mix it back together and it should stay that way for the remainder of the time.
  3. Pro Tip: store this scrub in your shower for a nice face wash in the morning!

So there you have it! With just a few easy ingredients and about 5 minutes to spare, you can have your very own facial scrub! I like using it in the morning because it smells so good and is like a big cup ‘o joe for my face!

The coconut oil leaves a nice moisturizing layer on your skin too, which feels amazing. However, if you don’t like the coconut oil on your face, you can simply use a mild cleanser after the scrub!

Give this awesome recipe a try and let me know what you think!

6 Replies to “DIY Coffee Scrub”

  1. Scout Eats,
    Yet again, another really interesting post! I have always heard of coffee scrub and the natural benefits that it holds. I have even seen coffee scrubs at my local Lush but, I have been hesitant because it can be a bit pricey! I am totally diggin’ this DIY though! It’s easy, affordable, and beneficial.

    I have a couple questions though; How long can I store this facial scrub? & How long would I leave the scrub on my face or would it just be a quick rinse right after?

    Thanks in advance girl!
    Always looking for new ways to #selfcare .


    Alexia says:
    1. I have tried the Lush coffee scrub and love it! But this one is way more cost effective and reduces waste. And I love the fact that you can customize it with essential oils too 🙂

      I have found that this scrub lasts at least 3 weeks when storing in a dry place, but it can be susceptible to molding since it isn’t filled with any preservatives. If you want it to last longer, just stick it in your refrigerator and it should last several weeks longer!

      Since the scrub has coconut oil in it, it has a tendency to melt and drip if you leave it on your face as a mask, so I usually just put it on as a scrub and rub it in for about 20-30 seconds, then rinse with a mild soap and warm water!

      Glad you enjoyed! x

      Ashley says:
  2. “Coffee” is a popular beverage among people around the world. resulting in a lot of so-called “leftover coffee grounds” most people will abandon it indifferently. because may think that it can not be used again but for some people it is something of great value that is because the benefits of coffee grounds are too valuable to be thrown awa. and where it’s used as a scrub, it’s a very good idea.

    1. Totally agree! If they can’t be composted then this is a great use for them!

      Ashley says:
  3. WOW I love this recipe and so easy to use! Way cheaper than getting older scrub at LUSH. These are ingredients I have around the house. I can’t wait to try this and see more of your ideas. I am telling all my friends about your website! Thank you for bringing health and wellness to this world!

    1. Hi Cheryl! I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! One of the things I love most about this recipe is how it uses ingredients people already likely have on hand! It’s definitely way more cost-efficient and still just as effective as other kinds of coffee scrubs out there.

      I hope you enjoy the scrub! Let me know if you have any questions about it 🙂

      Ashley says:

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